“His editorial work is thorough, accurate, and always respectful of the author’s unique voice.”

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE. Should we decide to work together, my quote will consist of a rate per word, less a 25% discount.

A word about fees: the rates mentioned here are guidelines. What I charge is very much based on your needs and what you have written.

I offer editorial services for a variety of needs. Generally, editing services fall into one or more of the categories below.

Line Edit. This is the most popular type of service among independent authors. The goal of a line edit is to make your writing as perfect as possible before publication.  Line edits include items such as:

  • Correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or word usage
  • Identifying awkward or unclear phrasing
  • Flagging repetitive or unneeded words
  • Checking that characters’ names are used consistently throughout
  • Revising for flow or continuity

Rate: Start at 1.5 cents per word. Discount may apply.

Copy edit. The purpose of a copy edit is to correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation, etc. The appropriate time for a copy edit is after a line edit has been performed.

Rate: Starts at 1 cent per word. Discount may apply.

Proofreading. Proofreading is the last step before publication, to make sure the story is perfect. The purpose of proofreading a project is to make sure that no new errors have been introduced in the process of revising during a line edit. A final reading is recommended, preferably by a fresh set of eyes.  Proofreading is not performed on new drafts.

Rate: Starts at 1 cent per word.

Developmental edit. This is the most all-encompassing type of edit. The objective of a developmental edit is to give you feedback on the story as a whole, rather than corrections to your language. It may or may not focus on mechanical issues, depending on what edits have been done prior to this step.

Developmental edits vary with the project, so we would need to discuss your specific goals before starting work. See How I Work for details.

Rate: determined after discussing needs.