How I Work

“Book him now—before he’s all booked up.”

If you have a manuscript you’d like me to work on, send an email to describing your project, the approximate number of words, and the target date for publication.

Please attach a 2,000 word sample of your project, in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs. I will evaluate your sample and give it a standard Line Edit (see Services). This step is FREE.

I will use the Track Changes feature to record corrections, suggestions, or comments, and return the sample to you. The sample will enable me to provide you with an estimate, and of course there is no obligation. Next, we will discuss and agree on a schedule and fee that works for you.

When I finish editing your project, I will return it to you and request that you review each item that I have noted in the comments and corrections. Using the Accept/Reject options, you can decide whether you agree or disagree with each change. You are the author, and will always have the final say on your work.